Computation Efficiency

By possessing very powerful machines and using parallelization techniques cloud service providers are able to operate on huge amount of data very fast. It follows that TREDISEC security services should maintain this low cloud provider’s latency by making sure that the implemented security services do not add too much complexity to the cloud environment.

Verifiable Document Redacting

A verifiable document redacting primitive that empowers cloud users to easily remove some part of their already signed document without having an impact on the validity of the signature. Thanks to this new primitive, users will not disclose private information of the document that does not need to be shared with the destined party.

TPM-based Remote Attestation (TRAVIS)

Remote Attestation is the activity of making a claim about properties of a target by supplying evidence to an appraiser over a network. The Remote Attestation generates the evidence of whether or not the untrusted cloud platform is running in the expected state, and therefore, the result of the service, application or VM image outsourced to the cloud is trustworthy.

Verifiable Polynomial Evaluation

Cryptographic scheme that enables a cloud provider to evaluate a polynomial over an input received from the user and to prove to a user that the output is actually correct. We consider a scenario whereby a user wishes to outsource a high-degree polynomial P to the cloud server. Further, a queried requests the evaluation of this polynomial over some inputs x. In addition to the output and the server also provides a proof p on the correctness of the output. Finally, the verifier receiving the output and the proof verifies p and concludes whether y equals P(x).