Catalogue of Recipes

Recipe Primitives Included Description
Verifiable Integrity of Virtual Systems TRAVIS

This recipe includes a packaged version of the TRAVIS primitive, which provides the following functionalities: (i) continuous verification of the integrity of the outsourced business services/applications and the underlying infrastructure, (ii) monitoring and reporting about Integrity aspects in Cloud Services Agreements.

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Access Control and Multi-tenancy EPICA

EPICA (Efficient and Privacy-respectful Interoperable Cloud-based Authorization) is a software implementation that controls access to resources (either services or data) in multi-tenant cloud environments. This Recipe leverages Docker to allow a fully automated deployment and testing of EPICA through the framework.

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Container Isolation Container Isolation

This recipe secures Docker image manipulation throughout its life cycle: The creation, storage and usage.

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Secure storage and deletion

Traditional techniques like encryption and backups address availability and confidentiality concerns but lack transparency on resource usage and assurance that data is made inaccessible when its owner so wishes. Secure Storage and Deletion recipe enables such improved transparency and control for data owners.

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Secure verifiable storage

This recipe offers cloud storage providers the advantage of ensuring a secure and confidential storage of customers' data while satisfying the cloud storage provider' scalability requirements and optimizing their storage savings.

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Secure biometric matching

A Cloud Service using this Recipe will guarantee that the privacy of the data is preserved as all operations occur in the encrypted domain, and by providing reliable cryptographic proofs for each biometric transactions.

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Secure storage with proofs of retrievability

Secure Multi-Cloud Storage emerges as the centerpiece of  tomorrow’s scalable and secure storage technologies, combining the use of multiple cloud storage services and aggressive data deduplication techniques to further reduce storage cost with security and reliability at an unmatched level.

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Robust cloud platform

This recipe consists of primitives designed to mitigate the risk of compromise significantly, leading to cloud platforms that are robust against cyber exploitation.

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Verifiable Computations

This recipe provides some means to cloud users to verify the correctness of operations executed (outsourced) at the cloud server's side.

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These Recipes are a joint effort of various TREDISEC partners. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us!