The cloud services provided by TREDISEC should accommodate a multi-tenant environment. That is, an environment in which multiple users share the ownership of outsourced data, or are permitted to operate on the data without being actually owners.

Secure Deletion

The primitive provides secure deletion on an honest-but-curious cloud storage. Therefore, clients can store all the files on the cloud as usual, but still achieve secure deletion, which cannot be guaranteed otherwise. The solution is based on encryption.

Multi-Tenancy Enabled Encrypted Database

If data is deployed on a server in an untrusted environment (e.g. the cloud), the data owner might be afraid of honest-but-curious database administrators or other personnel or external attackers who have access to the server. Our processing mechanism uses adjustable query-based encryption: The data is encrypted in so called onion encryption layers where the weakest encryption schemes are the innermost layers, which are then encrypted with other encryption schemes.