TREDISEC workshop @ISSE 2017 event: "How to reconcile cloud efficiency with security & privacy"

15/ Nov/ 2017
Brussels, Belgium
José Crespo
Name of Conference: 
ISSE 2017. The Future of Digital Security and Trust

Project TREDISEC (, which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) has organized a workshop session at ISSE 2017 – The Future of Digital Security and Trust event.

The TREDISEC workshop will be held in Deloitte premises, close to the Brussels Airport (Belgium), on November 15th 2017 at 11:30 The workshop will promote the results obtained by the project so far, present the next steps towards reaching the market and most importantly, gather feedback from the audience by fostering a dynamic discussion on hot research topics, most promising innovations and market trends in the Cloud Security field.

The ISSE 2017 event hosts many international, non-profit industry organizations which combine their resources, knowledge and information to create a two-days conference focusing on European public and private trust related to cybersecurity, privacy, identity and Cloud. The TREDISEC workshop is aimed to attract a diverse audience who are interested in these topics, but also on related emerging areas, such as new generation clouds, IoT and 5G.

Ms. Elena González, Communication Manager of the project, will chair the Workshop EU Projects 2 strand of the second day programme of the event. She will launch the workshop with a talk entitled “Key challenges in cloud security and how TREDISEC fits in”, followed by a project specific presentation of “TREDISEC project innovations and results”.

An interactive demo session will follow. First, Jose Fran Ruiz, who works in the project as Technical Project Manager, will present the TREDISEC Framework, which provides functionalities for managing, testing and using the security and functional solutions (the so-called security primitives) developed in the project. Second, Andreas Fischer, Senior Researcher SAP, will present one of the project use case scenarios, “Database Migration into a Secure Cloud”, and show how the TREDISEC contribute to enhance Cloud Services with a Secure Data Migration primitive.

To conclude the workshop, David Vallejo, Project Manager at Arsys Internet S.L., will explain the strategy to go to market with TREDISEC results and describe a sustainability strategy to keep alive the project beyond its official end date.

For more information about the workshop session and how to participate, please contact the workshop coordinator, Ms. Elena González at

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