TREDISEC will participate at ISSE Conference: The Future of Digital Security and Trust

15/ Nov/ 2017
Brussels, Belgium

ISSE The Future of Digital Security and Trust is an annual conference focused on cybersecurity, privacy, identity and Cloud.

This year, coinciding with the final straight of the project, TREDISEC has organized a workshop to present the main results achieved along its duration within ISSE Conference.

The main objective of the session is to promote the results obtained by the project showing the main achievements regarding research, latest innovations and market trends.

There are 3 presentations planned related to the project, of 10 minutes duration each one, to showcase TREDISEC results, from different perspectives:

(1) innovation: describing the novelty and relevance of the project main results.

(2) practical: a live demo to show how TREDISEC technologies perform in some representative use case scenarios.

(3) exploitation: outlining the applications to various business contexts and the go-to-market strategy.

The workshop is addressed to a varied audience, ranging from researchers in topics related to privacy, security & trust, but also policy-makers that are responsible of designing and promoting a strategy on secure cloud computing in the context of EU and industry experts or IT managers which have obligations or business interests to secure personal and/ or sensitive data.