D7.8 - Exploitation report and long term sustainability strategy

This document reports on all plans and activities for the exploitation of TREDISEC results by the consortium partners. It focuses on marketing strategies and business opportunities for the deployment of security solutions developed by TREDISEC.

The main purpose of this document is to inspect the technology put forth by TREDISEC from the point of view of exploitation, particularly in terms of business value. As the report shows, the results of the project offer cutting-edge security solutions which have the potential to greatly improve the European cloud businesses and to generate new ones.

The document summarizes the business plan undertaken by the TREDISEC consortium as well as the research and development activities pursued by the partners towards realizing this plan. It includes the Exploitation Strategy agreed upon the partners, which illustrates the exploitation principles and methodology, IPR management, and key exploitable results; a detailed analysis of the current cloud market and how the key exploitable results of TREDISEC could affect it; the business model developed within the consortium and corresponding exploitation strategy pursued by all the partners jointly; the specific exploitation strategies adopted by the partners individually; and a sustainability strategy to ensure long-term impact of the TREDISEC results.

We conclude that the results achieved by TREDISEC promise to positively contribute the European cloud market, and are capable to boost the large-scale adoption of cloud products and outsourced services, possibly generating new business in the cloud services landscape.