D7.6 - Final Dissemination and Communication activities reporting

This deliverable D7.6 Final Dissemination and Communication Activities Reporting aims to provide an overview of the communication and dissemination activities carried out by TREDISEC during the third project year, starting on April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018 (from M25 to M36).

Besides, due to the fact that it is the final communication and dissemination report of the project, it includes a balance about the work performed along its three years duration, and a list of KPIs to assess if this work is aligned with the initial objectives outlined in D7.3Communication Plan.

Both reports of activities are separated distinguishing between communication and dissemination due to the different nature of their objectives. Meanwhile communication is more focused to promote the project itself, dissemination is addressed to make known the project results within the scientific community.

The activities reported in communication have been classified in the following groups:

  • Graphic identity and Branding: use of graphic elements which comprises the visual identity of the project.
  • Web Platform: project website and social networks metrics (LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Press and campaigns: press releases launched by the projects, articles for specialized publications and mentions in other media.
  • Events: conferences, workshops, or meetings where the project has been promoted.
  • Collaborations with other R&D projects/ Platforms, Forums: specific collaborations to share knowledge and look for synergies with other projects and platforms.

The activities reported in dissemination are mainly:

  • Publications in refereed conferences, workshops and journals.
  • Keynotes speeches & Workshops organization
  • Whitepapers

The most remarkable KPIs after three years are the following ones:

  • One official poster, one official flyer and 4 infographics produced to support the visual identity of the project.
  • Distribution of graphic material in 17 events.
  • Nearby 4.806 users has visited TREDISEC website.
  • Engagement with 326 followers in Twitter and 46 members in the LinkedIn group.
  • Organization of three workshops, one for each year of the project: ICT 2015, SECODIC 2016, ISSE 2017.
  • Presentations of TREDISEC project in 15 conferences/ workshops.
  • 28 publications in refereed conferences, workshops and journals.
  • 18 presentations in keynotes, scientific workshops or summer schools.
  • 5 Actions to disseminate Innovation results
  • Contribution to 3 Whitepapers
  • 6 patents
  • 4 collaboration lines with research, technology or industry clusters, forums or platforms: DPSP Cluster, Trust in Digital Life (TDL), ECSO and Common Dissemination Booster
  • WP: