D7.3. Communication Strategy and Plan

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 Program, the EU proposes and demands that supported research projects reach society, promoting their value and the benefits derived from the technological and scientific activity through public funding returned to society.
In short, communication and dissemination have become a key asset for their strategy research projects. It is necessary to show how European innovation and research projects are contributing to an “innovative European Union”, and at the same time, which type of projects are funded and what the results of such an investment are.
The main purpose of deliverable D7.3 is to describe the Communication Strategy of TREDISEC, to give visibility to the entire process and evolution of the project, as well as to its major achievements.
This report includes a social and economic context about cloud security, and breaks down the pursued objectives, defining a set of indicators to measure the grade of achievement.
Following, the document identifies the target groups, and defines the key messages that will be the foundation and guidelines of each communication action. These key messages are exposed from different points of view. Once our audience and the dedicated key messages are defined the deliverable describes the tools we are going to use to disseminate the selected messages among the audience.
Finally, an action plan is shown, with specific actions for each year of the project defined according to the stated objectives. The proposed schedule is aligned with the Horizon 2020 guidance.