D6.3 - Use cases development and Deployment

In the context of the TREDISEC project there are six distinct use cases. Also, the different project partners have also developed a number of security primitives. In this deliverable, we describe how the use-case partners have integrated different primitives into their cloud infrastructures in order to fulfil the requirements identified at the beginning of the project. Specifically, in use-case 1 (“storage efficiency with security”), GRNET has integrated two primitives: one that provides users the means to prove that they really own a specified file on the cloud and another that provides secure file deduplication. In use-case 2 (“multi-tenancy and access control”), GRNET again employed a primitive to isolate and secure resources from malicious users. ARSYS integrated three primitives in use-case 3 (“optimised WebDav service for confidential storage”) involving secure file deduplication, secure deletion and multi-tenant access control. In use-case 4, MPH integrated two primitives related to verifiable matching of biometric templates and TPM-based remote attestation. MPH also employed biometric feature extraction over encrypted domains in the context of use-case 5. Finally, SAP integrated in its infrastructure a primitive that provides secure data migration.

Furthermore, we describe the specifics of each integration; the threats that the primitives address in the context of each use-case and finally discuss the numerous challenges, interesting observations and lessons learned. Notably, in most cases, more than one primitive was integrated. Also, there were cases where the testing environments that were produced, were connected with the TREDISEC Framework (meaning they are available as testing environments through it).