Available the ICT2015 networking session with the collaboration of TREDISEC

24/ Aug/ 2015

Atos Spain will chair a networking session in the event of reference ICT 2015, organized by European Commsion to promote the knowledge of technological research financed with european funds. the selected projects are TREDISEC; WITDOM and PRISMACLOUD, will be discussed the following topic : "Key challenges in end-to-end privacy/security in untrusted environments".

Currently it´s available the networking session schedule with all details int the website of the event:


There will be three talks given by three speakers, one for every project, that will deal with a specific key challenge related to the main topic.
Ghassan Karame, (NEC laboratories), well-known expert on the subject of the debate will attend from TREDISEC and give the talk titled: “Data protection versus storage efficiency and multi-tenancy”

In Ghassan´s words, the talk approach would be: “Implementing existing end-to-end security solutions unfortunately cancels out the advantages of the cloud technology such as cost effective storage. We will talk about the challenges resulting from the combination of security, functional and non- functional requirements such as storage efficiency and multi-tenancy.”