The 7 key innovation points of TREDISEC

16/ Mar/ 2016
Ghassan Karame (NEC)

Most existing cloud security solutions are not well-suited in the market because they either provide security at the expense of the economy of scale and cost effectiveness of the cloud (e.g. data is encrypted before being outsourced, which prevents any computation to be performed in the cloud), or they meet the latter objectives at the expense of security (e.g., data deduplication and compression optimally use the resources of the cloud provider but require the customer to blindly trust its cloud provider).

The main aim of TREDISEC is to bridge this gap by developing tools and systems to address these shortcomings and to enhance the confidentiality and integrity of data outsourced to the cloud without affecting functionality, and storage efficiency.

From a practical standpoint, the ambition of this project is to develop systems and techniques that make the cloud a secure and efficient place to store data. We plan to step away from a myriad of disconnected security protocols or cryptographic algorithms, and to converge instead on a (possibly standardized) single framework where all objectives are met to the highest extent possible.

Based on our assessment, we identify the 7 key innovation points of TREDISEC shown in the figure below.