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Verifiable Polynomial Evaluation Processing verifiability Verifiable Computation Computation Efficiency

Cryptographic scheme that enables a cloud provider to evaluate a polynomial over an input received from the user and to prove to a user that the output is actually correct. We consider a scenario whereby a user wishes to outsource a high-degree polynomial P to the cloud server. Further, a queried requests the evaluation of this polynomial over some inputs x. In addition to the output and the server also provides a proof p on the correctness of the output. Finally, the verifier receiving the output and the proof verifies p and concludes whether y equals P(x). The goal of the solution is to render the verification of the proof as efficient as possible.

Perfect Dedup Secure file deduplication Data Privacy Storage Efficiency

Offers deduplication over encrypted files. It allows different users to upload client-side encrypted files to the cloud, while deduplication technique can still be applied to those encrypted files.